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    Hero Spreadsheet


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    Hero Spreadsheet

    Post by Aevatrex on Fri Jan 31, 2014 2:57 am

    Dragon Realms Hero Spreadsheet
    Hero Spreadsheet

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    This is a continuously growing spreadsheet that will allow you to sort by name, stats, skill, whatever. Since it's very new and I don't have every single hero, most of the numbers are extrapolated. Everything in pink is an estimated value, however most of the values should fall within plus or minus 10 points. I don't know why some particular heroes fall outside of that range.

    The columns with Max Attack/Max Defense refer to a minimal evolution. That being an evolution with I+I, II+I, III+I (All unmaxed). A perfect evolution is where you max all 15 heroes. No other possibility is listed in the spreadsheet as of now.

    You may notice that all the evolution II/III/IV hero stats differ from the "Item Inventory" page. That's because everything(besides evolution I) listed in that page is incorrect. It uses a modifier of 20% of the base which is different than the actual multiplier for some reason.

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